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5 Tips for Writing a Good Grant Proposal

5 Tips for Writing a Good Grant Proposal

1) Articulate the Problem Statement

Identify the problem or gap that the proposed project is trying to address. Be as precise as you can in articulating the problem statement and back up the claim with credible sources of data and statistics where possible.

2) Describe your Proposed Idea or Project

Describe succinctly how the project could address the problem statement. Highlight the key features of the service, product or programme that the project aims to deliver as well as the duration of the project.

3) Narrate how the Beneficiaries could Benefit from this Project

Provide an account of the possible positive outcomes that the beneficiaries could receive from this project. Include also the size and profile of the target market.

4) Communicate your Marketing and Outreach Strategy

Determine your value proposition and identify your target audience. Set out the message and the channel that is appropriate to reach your audience.

5) Outline your Plans for Continuity and Sustainability of the Project

Convey the project’s sustainability plans and how beneficiaries could continue to access your service, product or programme after the funding ends.

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