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ELI Grant Call 2. REALISING POTENTIALS: Creating Meaningful Experiences, Enhancing Learning and Well-being.

KEEN ON PROVIDING REAL-LIFE SOLUTIONS FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES? The Enabling Lives Initiative (ELI) Grant, funded by Tote Board and administered by SG Enable, is a renewed tranche of $20 million aimed at bringing together the best ideas from the community of non-profit organisations, social enterprises and innovators to create scalable, impactful innovations for persons with disabilities. We welcome you to embark on this journey with us!

PROBLEM STATEMENT - How can we support and empower persons with disabilities to continuously learn and grow, adapt to and overcome changes smoothly, fully realise their potential, and have meaningful engagements in the various domains of life which lead to a better quality of life? These may be in areas of learning and training, social settings and interaction, involvement and contribution to the community, personal empowerment, or co-creating solutions with others. To support you to dive deeper into what this Grant Call entails and discover how you can be part of creating impactful solutions, we have curated a virtual sharing session and workshop to guide you through this journey.

Who can register? The Workshop is open to the following organisations- Social Service Agency, Non-Private Hospital, Institute of Higher Learning/ Research Institute, Social Enterprise, Commercial Entity. Participants can register as a single organisation or register with at least one other organization. Due to limited slots available, up to two representatives is allowed per organisation. We may re-group/ allocate participants based on similar interests and complementary skill-sets. Registration closes on 5 November. Click here (this is a link for Workshop Programme Outline document) for Workshop Programme Outline.

How to make the most out of the Workshop. Engage in all workshops and self-guided activities as the programme is designed as an iterative process for creative problem-solving that builds on previous workshop outputs. Block your calendars and immerse yourself in the learning process! Seek out organisation(s) with shared or similar goals, yet diverse background and skill-sets to gain more robust insights and greater traction in implementation and adoption of solution. Establish a common understanding of the partnership if you are registering with other organisation(s), as participants are likely to submit a proposal to ELI Grant at the end of the programme. Participate with an open-mind, and be ready to challenge your assumptions  - whether you already have an idea or not! Any other questions? Check out the FAQ here (this is a link for FAQ document).

Got questions about ELI Grant? Check out the FAQ here