About the Grant

The philosophy behind our grant.

Overview of Enabling Lives Initiative (ELI) Grant

Disability is a complex social issue. Currently, solutions generally fall into two categories: small-scale projects/programmes by individual non-profit organisations aimed at localized outcomes; and those centrally driven by the government aimed at aligning the social sector’s resources with social policy.

To address current and complex challenges faced by persons with disabilities over the course of their lives, the ELI Grant was conceived to support projects/programmes that have the potential to make meaningful social impact by improving the well-being of persons with disabilities.

ELI Grant Seeks to:

  • Support evidence-based projects/programmes, seed innovative ideas, new models, pilots as well as scale-up/replicate projects/programmes that have been successfully implemented or piloted in Singapore or globally

  • Proactively build collaborations between sector and non-sector players

  • Share good practices and learning across the disability and wider social sector

  • Embed an ‘outcomes-based approach’ to help shape desired outcomes within the disability sector

  • Facilitate deeper engagement with partners and between partners

What's Unique

What if the Grant wasn’t just about the money? How might we create a holistic grant journey experience that supports and excite the entire sector, bringing together the various expertise of social service agencies, social enterprises and other organisations?

  • Application Assistance

    We support you by walking you through the Grant application process and providing relevant resources and learning opportunies.

  • Human-centric Design Grant

    Designed using human-centric design principles and backed by in-depth research with other grant makers, grant applicants and other stakeholders, we aim to support your initiatives that directly impacts and meets the needs of persons with disabilities.

  • Access to Various Opportunities

    We provide platforms for you to meet, network and exchange ideas with other sector and non-sector players' and access to other disability-related projects/programmes, so that your idea can create greater reach and impact.

  • Simplifying the Process

    We make the process as easy and straightforward as we can, without compromising standards.